Is Warsoft Nations a beginner field?
Yes and no. Yes we welcome new players to airsoft aswell as welcome seasoned players. New players love attending our field for the open, welcoming and judgement free gaming environment. Our field simply plays airsoft and not milsims. What's the different? Airsoft is a straight forward sport with NO ties to the military. Milsims typically try to emulate military rules and regulations. So attend and enjoy learning about airsoft with players with decades of experience in airsoft.

What do I need to begin playing?
That all depends on where or what game you are attending or playing. There is a big difference between AIRSOFT and MILSIM. In airsoft all you need is a decent gun, ballistic rated goggles and good footware. There are no rules in what type of gear you wear in AIRSOFT. You can build or buy as much or wear as little gear or carry guns as possible. There are various stores that will help you decide on what you would like to add. MILSIMS you will need add certain types of camo and gear to attend those events.

Why are other fields closed?

Please respect their reasons for maintaining certain seasons. Keep in touch with your favorite fields, you never know when they will post a game.

Is this a private airsoft field?
No, we are a public field. We are a registered business with Ontario/Canada. Feel free to visit us during our games. The best way to get answers to your questions is to come see us.

What is the field limit?
The limit is currently set to under 495fps and under. Aim for your guns to shoot no higher than 470. The Criminal Code of Canada sets the limit of 500 fps. Safety first, always follow our Canadian gun laws. All airsoft guns must be tested with .20 airsoft BB's.

Can I rent the field and run my own games?
Yes you can, feel free to contact us.

Why do other fields ban players under 18?
Fields have many different rules than ours, please respect all airsoft rules. For us the youth are the future or airsoft. We provide a family fun gaming zone for all ages. Players under 16 need to have a parent or guadian at the field at all times during game play.

Do you allow drugs or alcohol at the field, even if I leave it in my vehicle?
We can not allow ANY type of drugs or alcohol on our property or surrounding area. Please respect our rules. In order to provide safe and fun gaming you need to be respectful of all our players young and old. If you really need to drink or do drugs of any kind please wait until after the game.

What type of bbs are we allowed to use?

How many airsoft guns can we bring with us on the field?
How many can you carry?

Can we use green gas or propane?

Can I use my C02 gun?
Yes! As long as it is an AIRSOFT C02 gun.

Can I play just using wearing a balaclava and goggles?
Ballistic military approved goggles (ANZI Z87.1) are a MUST! You should wear hard protection for your face and consider protecting your ears. Please NO SHOOTING glasses.

Do I need a team to come and play?

No! All players are welcome.

Does it hurt?
Sometimes it can but it depends on where you get hit.

What should I wear?
GOOD FOOTWARE, loose pants, light jacket, knee-pads and gloves. Always dress for the weather.

How do I set up a private game/party?
Call us and we'll talk about it.

Do you do upgrades / downgrades of airsoft guns?
Small repairs are possible but you should contact a professional Airsoft technician for all repairs and upgrades. Feel free to contact Black Widow Paintball and Airsoft for further questions and concerns.

Can I use an airsoft grenade launcher?

Can I use my fake knife/bayonet for knife kills?
Real knifes or blades are NOT allowed. If you use plastic knifes, you must let game control know.

I am not 18-years old, can I still play?
Absolutely! WarSoft Nation is open to all players. Players between the ages of 18 - 16 must have a parent or guardian sign our waiver at the field. Players younger than 16 must have a parent or legal guardian attending during the entire event. WAIVERS WILL NOT BE EMAILED.

How much ammo will I need?
That depends on how much you shoot. Some players use 1-2 bags per day and some use twice that. It depends on your style and the type of gameplay.

Do I have to pay on the website?
Nope, but its better for us when you do. You are welcome to pay at the field with cash.

How do I register?
Use the registration suggestions on our HOME PAGE or visit us on facebook.


Can my team play together or can I play with my friends?
We pick teams at the field and your group is welcome to stay together as long as the teams are balanced.

How do you select teams?
We pick teams at the field, sometimes by camo or general numbers for balanced teams.

How do you tell the teams apart?
Get to know your team members, meet, greet and talk to them.

Can I use my mini-electric, spring, or gas gun or Does it have to be an AEG?
You can use any airsoft gun as long as it shoots less than 495 fps (Max Limit 500 fps)

What can I do to practice ahead of time?

Can I use my Laser?
NO LASERS! DON'T EVEN ASK. Take them off and leave them at home.

Can I bring airsoft smoke grenades or pyrotechnics?
Cold Smoke Only, Pyro must be approved before using.

Can I bring paint grenades?

Is a helmet or boonie hat mandatory?
No. Any military attire is acceptable. Headgear is optional, but encouraged. It is up to you.

Do you allow spectators or camera operators?
Yes, they must still register and are responsible for following all rules and regulations. You must bring your OWN reflecting vest.

Do I have to order bb's or can I buy them at the field?
Ammo will be sold on the field in the near future. You are welcomed to bring your own bb's or buy them from Black Widow Paintball. BIO BB's ONLY!

What time do you start, How long do the games go?
Registration opens at 9:30 AM and is open all day. Unless noted.

Do you play if it rains or snows?
Hell yes, Rain, Shine and Snow.

Can we party at the field?
We will NOT tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol on our land whatsoever. If you are abusing this rule you will be removed from the property by the land owner and police. Players, who attempt to steal, cause bodily harm, or otherwise break the law will be held and handed over to the local police

Do you offer rentals?
Yes we have some rentals. AEG's are $25 includes batteries and mags. Face mask $5.00, Goggles $5.00. You're welcome to bring your own equipment to enjoy a cheaper day.

What about night games?
We plan on playing a few night games. Check the home page for details.

What is blind fire?
If you’re not looking directly at your target in any manner is called blind fire. NO PREY AND SPRAY.

What is man-soft?
LOL We are not sure, but the internet airsoft community has deemed this term to be negative. However the term can be confusing since it is linked to fields or players who use hard edge rules or higher fps (500 fps max). So wouldn't you rather be challgened by gaming with players or fields that game with 'manly rules'.

Do you use real dynamite at the field?

Amusing but no we have NEVER used real dynamite on our field. We have shot off fireworks in the past known as a Quarter Stick of Dynamite. NEVER believe or spread rumors by word of mouth or via the net.

Should I buy and will I be able to use my sniper certification at any Airsoft field?
The Canadian Criminal Code, local Police, OPP and RCMP do NOT support the sale and promotion of any type of illegal gun certifications. Therefore our legitiment Canadian Airsoft community does NOT allow any form of Airsoft certifications or documents that promotes shooting above the legal limits. Regardless of personal interpretations with the Criminal Code as it pertains to joules Vs FPS, it is ILLEGAL to shoot above 500 fps or above 5.7 joules in any combination. Therefore we can NOT legally allow Sniper Certifications at Warsoft Nation and at our partnered fields.

What is age verification or do I need to be age verified?
No, age verification is NOT legally required in Canada by any field or retail owners. You legally do NOT need any form of age verification to attend airsoft games or to purchase airsoft items in Canada. Fields will provide you with waivers and the details on what you need to fill them out. Age regulations do apply when buying airsoft guns from retailers, presenting legal government issued ID is all that is needed.

How do I learn about the Criminal Code as it pertains to airsoft?
Do NOT educate yourself from the internet or word of mouth!

Please contact your local police or legal office that specialize in Canadian Gun laws within Canada. Note: not every police or military officer maybe clear on the current legalities pertaining to airsoft within Canada.