Who are we?
(Written: May 2013)

I have enjoyed gaming Airsoft through the years and whenever I can. In fact I had practically played every weekend for over 12 months. I have had many jobs and careers over the years, but nothing has been more satisfying than being involved with Airsoft and its gamers. In many ways our sport and its commerce can be complex, however the game itself is very easy to understand. There are veterans and seasoned gamers in Ontario and Canada who have played Airsoft for decades and some even longer overseas. Airsoft is a worldwide sport growing extremely fast in Canada. It has been spreading nationally for years but it seems until recently, is spreading like a wildfire.

Fields (private and public), groups, organizations, websites, gamers, friendships, cliques, factories, companies and even large corporations are being born on a weekly basis. It will only be a matter of time before the media catches wind of this wildfire. Reality TV perhaps, news stories and community events all geared towards showcasing the newest sport to hit Canada. Granted it will never take over Canadian Hockey, but it already has become the fastest growing recreational sport.

I have spoken with several hundred gamers over the past 2 years, each one of them has been bitten by the BB as it were. In fact I owe my new found future in Airsoft to some friends of mine that took me to a private field and shot me! Of course after gaming a few rounds I got that rush of adrenaline and then I was hooked or ‘bb bitten’ as you might say. I have played many sports and have been a part of many associations over the decades but never have I found a more suitable sport and group of friends than what I have found with Airsoft.

Airsoft is no longer just a sport to me; it has become my entire life. Geeky as that may sound and strange as that may seem, since getting into Airsoft I have thought of little or nothing else. Ideas, thoughts, inventions, inspirations, visions and of course wanting more (Airsoft) guns-guns-GUNS! The field we have created isn’t merely a place where people come to play; it’s a place where people can enjoy themselves! Our field is a place to relax with friends and family while meeting new people. A place filled with veterans and new players who enjoy a welcoming place with no drama or restrictions to other fields and teams. We have always supported and promoted other Airsoft fields in Ontario, we have struggled to build a brotherhood for the benefit of our sport

Growing up in Ontario meant playing hockey on the weekends, visiting surrounding towns. Crossing enemy lines as it were, sometimes winning or losing under a crowd of cheers or jeers. Airsoft can live in that same place, it has the same feel as stepping onto the ice as it does stepping onto a new field with new players and picking out which one you might get a head shot on. Unlike in hockey, head shots are part of the game (with proper head protection of course).

I understand that not all fields, companies and teams are warming up to this idea of a brotherhood and universal sportsmanship, however like it or not, that is the direction our sport is going. The old saying of “adapt or die” is very fitting here but with less dramatic intent of course. While there will always be private fields and games, the natural growth of any sport is expansion. It is time to make sure the expansion and growth is focused on a good mind and with good intentions.

I am sure you have had your share of gamers who act out negatively and try to personally and financially control Airsoft. Our sport has its ups and downs, dealing with sneaky and greedy people who are merely in it for the sales or profit. There are people who spoil the name by becoming police stories and creating a poor view of the public and private usage of Airsoft guns. There are also people who pretend to love this sport but take liberties with those who are truly dedicated to it.

Players who shoot hot and don't believe in calling their hits and outright lie. Players who start arguments, fights and lament when too much testosterone finds itself in the game. Teams, games and websites that pretend to express fellowship, togetherness and sportsmanship but end up admonishing, hurting, judging and attacking anyone else not part of their cliques or is seen as a threat. Some of these same Fields (private and public) groups, teams, organizations, websites, gamers, cliques, stores and companies banded together in hopes to control the market. People who copy your ideas and try to move in on your territory in attempt to steal all your hard work. All of these people are the ones who need to learn that Airsoft doesn’t need to be filled with hate, slander and greed. Perhaps they don’t realize what they are doing to our sport, perhaps they have spent so much time trying to control it and have forgotten the love of the game. Have you forgotten?

I learned a long time ago that there is a dark side to everything in life and that includes our sport of Airsoft. It may not be in plain site, but just like the warmth of day the cold darkness will always appear. I will be the first to agree that business is business, there is always supply and demand. Just be sure the demand is positive and what is supplied is the good mind, true sportsmanship and a universal brotherhood in Airsoft.

I have not written this to post hate amongst our fellow airsofters. I woke up after a few stressful days and realized we have great games and great players attending our field, and that always puts me in a better mood, because that’s the true power of Airsoft. In fact, that is the true power of enjoying life and enjoying what you do. Believe in yourself and your future and never let the narrow-minded lies and negativity of others kill your passion.

I am here to say how much I appreciate all the friends, supporters, partners, season veterans and new players we see each weekend. We welcome you all to our field in good minds and strong hearts.

Now get out and game because Airsoft lives here!

A good friend who points out mistakes and imperfections and rebukes evil is to be respected as if he reveals a secret of hidden treasure.
~ Buddha ~


Both the Canadian and US Military have provided warfare scenarios for its troops using the term Wargame. The common term, Milsim (Military Simulation) was extracted from places like the active paintball community. Although some airsoft teams and events try to replicate the cultural status of a US Milsim within Canada, Warsoft Nation and its field partners celebrates our own Canadian airsoft heritage by providing unique operational Wargames.

While we honor our military men and women home and abroad, we never try to emulate our troops. Our motto "Brotherhood without the Blood" celebrates the fortitude and conditioning of our soldiers within an exhilarating gaming environment. With so many Airsoft events and teams striving to create a niche market within the Airsoft community, our aim is simple. Why attend a Milsim when you can take on a challenge.

So what makes us so different? We are not a team, company or business organization trying to corner the financial Airsoft market. We do not believe in creating cliques, promoting and projecting negativity within our sport.

Our Airsoft partnerships involve former and current police and military officers, filmmakers, scriptwriters, sound and lighting engineer’s who thrive from airsoft. These partnerships will provide you with an epic and cinematic wargame storyline experience unlike any other. Why rely on rented locations, feigned military integrity or revamped simulations when you can become part of the airsoft evolution.

Immerse yourself in filmic storylines and battle ready military operations, prepare for a life experience unlike any other in Canada.